About cookies

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What are cookies? What is their purpose?

A cookie is a test file that records information about your browsing on the website. Bear in mind, in no case does the Cookie allow the person who placed it to obtain information recorded on your hard drive or personal information. It allows you to be recognized when you return to our website and allows us to make it easier for you to use the website. It particularly allows you to access your Visorando account.

How to accept, set up or reject a cookie?

You can configure your browser or software so that cookies are saved or rejected in your device and other settings.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer :

  • Choose the "Tools" menu then "Internet Options"
  • Click on the “Privacy” Tab
  • Select the desired level with the cursor

For Mozilla Firefox :

  • Choose the "Tools" > "Options" menu
  • Click on the "Privacy" option
  • "Cookies" heading

For Chrome :

  • Choose the menu "Edit"> "Preferences"
  • Click on the option "Personal data"
  • "Cookies" heading

For Safari :

  • Choose the menu "Edit"> "Preferences"
  • Click on the option "Personal data"
  • "Cookies" heading

Consequences of your choice regarding Cookies

Any settings you make will be likely to have consequences for your internet browsing and may have consequences for the conditions of access to some of the services regarding the website you are visiting, such as for example: the memorization of your identifiers for forms, comment fields, etc. It is important that you know that if you decide to refuse or delete Cookies on your browsers or mobile devices, this will not prevent the display of advertising on the websites you visit. The only difference is that they will no longer be adapted to your centres of interest.

Cookies on the website

When you log into this website, we may need to install various cookies on your terminal allowing us to recognize the browser on your device during the period of validity of the cookie in question (maximum 13 months).

These cookies allow us to:

  • compile statistics and volumes of traffic and use of the various components of our website (headings and content visited, trails), allowing us to enhance the value and usability of our services;
  • customize the presentation of our website to the display settings of your data terminal (language, screen resolution, operating system, etc.) during your visit on our website, based on your data terminal's equipment, viewing software and video software;
  • memorize information relating to forms you have completed on the website (registration, contact form, contest, comment fields, etc.) or to products, services or information that you have chosen on the website;
  • implement security measures, e.g. when asked to sign in again to content or services after a certain amount of time,

Cookies issued by third parties to the website users: social networks, advertising agencies,

Apart from a few sections integrating YouTube videos (particularly the help section), Visorando does not integrate any external tool or service that places cookies on your computer.