Around Blenheim Park from Woodstock

This circular walk mainly explores Blenheim Park, its monuments and distinctive characteristics including the Grand Bridge, the Column of Victory, Rosamund's Well and an impressive Cedar of Lebanon tree!

Technical sheet
No. 4280470
A Woodstock walk posted on 31/10/20 by charentimoy. Update : 16/04/21
Calculated time Calculated time: 3h00[?]
Distance Distance : 6.12mi
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 226ft
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 230ft
Highest point Highest point : 397ft
Lowest point Lowest point : 269ft
Easy Difficulty : Easy
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Walking Walking
Area Area : Cotswolds
Location Location : Woodstock
Starting point Starting point : N 51.84757° / W 1.35629°
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The Lake and Grand Bridge Queen Pool and Blenheim Palace far away The "Harry Potter Tree" Blenheim Palace from The Grand Bridge


Park your car in Woodstock (Union Street car park for example). The walk starts from Woodstock Hall close to "The Bear Hotel" and the post office.

(D/A) Walk Park Street for 150 metres and turn right in Chaucer's Lane (dead-end signpost). Then, ignore Harrison's Lane which bends right but go down the stairs in front of you. At the road, walk along the pavement in Oxford Street for 150 metres until you join a green entrance gate that leads to Blenheim Park. At the junction, bear right to the concrete path with great views to Queen Pool and Blenheim Palace far away.

(1) When you reach a building (renovation work), bear left following the concrete way for 100 metres before you go through the stile on the right and ascend straight the grassy slope which leads to the Column of Victory you catch sight of far away.

(2) From the top of the hill, the column (134 feet) and the view are really impressive!!! Descend the grassy way leading the Grand Bridge. Don't cross the bridge (No free public access), head to the asphalt way on the right for 100 metres and bear left when you see a small gate. Follow the path which slightly goes down until you reach a famous and impressive Cedar of Lebanon tree (probably from the 18th century).

(3) This is an iconic feature site because it's known as the "Harry Potter tree"! Enjoy the view of Blenheim Palace and the Grand Bridge as well! Continue this path, go past Rosamund's Well (Built by Henry II) until you reach a junction at the end of the Great Lake.

(4) Ignore the way which goes up on your right, bear left, go through a gate following the path in fields leading to the road. Turn left, walk this road for almost half a mile enjoying beautiful Oak trees.

(5) At the junction, bear right, go through a green massive portal and turn right immediately. Follow the road, ignore Long Hanborough Road on the left and continue straight Park Road for 500 metres. Go past two properties on your way before you turn right to the footpath with a yellow arrow. Go across the field (can be very muddy after wet conditions!) for 200 metres which leads to a grassy path next to the field.

(6) You finally reach a wall and find stairs to go through this wall. Past the wall, leave the private way on the left but take the second one following the yellow arrow. Then, bear slightly left in the open grassland and ascend the path (yellow arrow signpost). Walk along the fence for 350 metres. Ignore the private track on the right which goes to Blenheim Farm but follow the grassy track in front of you. Walk along the woods for almost 700 metres until you reach a gravel road.

(7) At the gravel road, turn right (footpath signpost) for a few metres and go through two gates on your left leaving this road which leads to the farm. The path goes straight across the park, sharply goes left before it bends right to reach an asphalt road. Walk this road on the right side between trees. It bends left and goes down until you reach the building next to Queen Pool you've seen at the beginning. From now on, you just need to use the way you know to go back to Woodstock.(D/A)

Waypoints :
D/A : mi 0 - alt. 328ft - Woodstock (Union Street car park for example)
1 : mi 0.49 - alt. 285ft - Building (renovation work)
2 : mi 0.77 - alt. 338ft - Column of Victory
3 : mi 1.35 - alt. 299ft - Harry Potter tree
4 : mi 2.05 - alt. 305ft - Junction
5 : mi 2.59 - alt. 387ft - Entrance gate
6 : mi 3.52 - alt. 338ft - Wall and stairs
7 : mi 4.34 - alt. 364ft - Gravel road
D/A : mi 6.12 - alt. 328ft - Woodstock (Union Street car park for example)

Useful Information

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