Chapel Porth, St Agnes Beacon and Trevaunance Cove from St Agnes Head

This beautiful walk explores Chapel Porth, Wheal Coates and Trevaunance Cove walking along a section of the South West Coast path. You will discover St Agnes Beacon viewpoint and St Agnes village as well!

Technical sheet
No. 4067823
A St. Agnes (Cornwall) walk posted on 17/09/20 by charentimoy. Update : 28/03/22
Calculated time Calculated time: 3h40[?]
Distance Distance : 6.1mi
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 945ft
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 958ft
Highest point Highest point : 600ft
Lowest point Lowest point : 39ft
Moderate Difficulty : Moderate
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Walking Walking
Location Location : St. Agnes (Cornwall)
Starting point Starting point : N 50.317029° / W 5.232703°
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Towanroath Shaft Pumping Engine House and St Ives far away Trevaunance Cove Towards Godrevy Point and St Ives from St Agnes Beacon Beautiful cliffs along the coastal path


Park your car at St Agnes Head car park close to the National Coastwatch Institution.

(D/A) Take the coastal path at the end of the car park next to the National Trust signpost and quickly turn right down following the yellow arrow. Walk along the cliff with stunning views over Wheal Coates and Chapel Porth Beach until you reach Towanroath Shaft Pumping Engine House built in 1872 and restored by National Trust in 1973.

(1) Continue straight ahead following the yellow arrow still along the cliff until you join a rocky promontory which overlooks Chapel Porth. This is remains of a chapel. From the chapel, retrace your steps for a few metres and ascend the hill in front of you heading to a bench junction.

(2) From the fork, bear slightly right, then left heading to Wheal Coates Mine Ruins you can see far away. You finally reach the old Whim Engine House from 1880. Turn right to the path on the left of the stack, going past the information mine sign and go straight heading to the white house you can see in front of you.

(3) Go past Wheal Coates car park and turn left into Beacon Drive for 150 metres before you turn right to the public footpath next to Beacon Cottage Farm. Go across the farm and bear left when you reach a large fork (public footpath signpost). Go up straight along the open field heading to the large gate higher up.

(4) At the junction take the second path on your left which ascend the ridge leading to St Agnes Beacon. From the OS marker triangulation point, the 360° view is very beautiful! On clears days, you can see the coast far away from St Ives to Trevose Head!

(4) From the top continue the levelled path slightly right for 600 metres (ignore right and left paths) before you turn sharply right (almost 180°) when you join the last path). Follow this narrow path inland going past St Agnes Beacon NT signpost until you join Beacon Road.

(5) Cross over this road, follow the path along meadows, go through a few stiles and go straight ignoring Higher Bal path on your left until you join a driveway which reaches West Kitty. Cross over this road heading to the white house in front of you (yellow arrow) and go down to St Agnes village.

(6) In the village, head left towards St Agnes Hotel and go past the church descending Town Hill road for 100 metres before you bear left next to Stippy Stappy signpost following the path "to the beach" but don't miss the first way on your right in the driveway which reaches Quay Road. Turn right into this road for a few metres and sharply left into the driveway until you join the path next to Trevista Gate. Continue straight (ignore a path on your right) until you reach the junction with the South West Coast path which overlooks Trevaunance Cove.

(7) Turn left descending the steps to the harbour for 100 metres before you go through the gate on your right which leads to the garden path. At the end of the garden path turn right next to public toilets and head to the Jubilee Garden. Leave this place on your right, go past a shelter, then climb the stairs leading to the coastal path. Past the last houses and cottages, follow the yellow arrow and go up a few rocky steps. Keep the coastal path well indicated which leads to Newdowns Head. This section with stunning views from the cliffs towards Trevose Head far away finally reach NCI and St Agnes car park.(D/A)

Waypoints :
D/A : mi 0 - alt. 292ft - St Agnes Head car park
1 : mi 0.68 - alt. 315ft - Towanroath Shaft Pumping Engine House
2 : mi 1.18 - alt. 79ft - St Agnes Chapel and Well
3 : mi 1.55 - alt. 295ft - Wheal Coates Mine in ruins
4 : mi 2.23 - alt. 466ft - Junction
5 : mi 3.07 - alt. 466ft - Beacon Road
6 : mi 3.61 - alt. 322ft - St Agnes Hotel
7 : mi 4.41 - alt. 82ft - Jubilee Garden
D/A : mi 6.11 - alt. 295ft - St Agnes Head car park

Useful Information

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