Dunsop Bridge and Totridge Fell

Without the optional ascent of Totridge this is a fairly long but mostly undemanding walk, apart from a moderate climb to the shoulder of Mellor Knoll. The fellside climb to Totridge is steep and the trig point is on high peat moorland (avoid in poor visibility), but the reward for the effort on a clear day is an exceptional view that includes Pendle Hill and the tops of the Yorkshire Three Peaks. The stepping stones may become impassable after heavy rain.

Technical sheet
No. 18463609
A Bowland-with-Leagram walk posted on 14/01/22 by Walks from the Door. Update : 14/01/22
Calculated time Calculated time: 5h50[?]
Distance Distance : 9.81mi
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 1512ft
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 1542ft
Highest point Highest point : 1617ft
Lowest point Lowest point : 338ft
Average Difficulty : Average
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Walking Walking
Location Location : Bowland-with-Leagram
Starting point Starting point : N 53.916902° / W 2.520321°
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(D/A) Join the concessionary path beside the road towards Dunsop Bridge from Whitewell. Cross a footbridge over a side-stream and go through a kissing gate, then walk up the field past Higher Whitewell Farm.
At a wall before an old stone barn, turn right over a stile into the road and turn left.

(1) At Burholme Bridge DO NOT CROSS, but take the farm drive to the right of the river. Follow the drive to Burholme Farm, and beyond the farmhouse bear left to cross the footbridge by the ford; continue straight on beyond the stream.

Walk down the slope to a gate and stile then bear right between Burholme Wood and the river.

(2) Continue alongside the river (DO NOT CROSS at the impressive iron footbridge) to reach Thorneyholme Hall, where you stick close to the river’s edge to a bridge.

(3) Cross the river and walk up the driveway to the road. Turn left and walk past the car park to Dunsop Bridge.

(4) Just before the bridge, take a metalled driveway on the right past a playground.
Beyond a row of cottages, continue along a path next to the stream to a footbridge.

(5) Cross the bridge and turn left down another metalled drive. Just before the next house, turn right along the rear of the property to an iron gate.

Follow the wall then strike out across open fields, aiming well to the right of a stone barn until you reach the road.
Turn right and follow the road for 1⁄2 mile, crossing a cattle grid and passing a parking layby on the left.

(6) When the road drops down to the stream, turn left over the bridge and walk through the buildings of Hareden.
Cross the stream twice and after the second bridge climb a ladder stile on the left.

Walk up the hill to a gate and ladder stile in the corner, then walk uphill, keeping towards the right of the field.

(8) If omitting the climb to Totridge, walk straight up the field to a gate in the top right-hand corner and skip to step (7) .

Otherwise, look out for a gate and stile in the right-hand wall before the top of the field, concealed behind a bank.
Follow a concessionary path that cuts the corner left to a wall, then turns right and follows the field boundary (stone walling interspersed with fencing) directly up the slope of Totridge. Towards the top, the path leaves the wall and zig-zags up the steep slope.

(7) At the top of the hill, continue in the same direction up a wide clough through the peat, then bear left to the trig point. Return the way you came, back to the path up from Hareden, and turn right (8) to the gate at the top of the field.

Beyond the gate follow the track then bear right to a ladder stile near a field gate. Walk across the bottom of two fields to a gate and stile into woodland.

(9) Drop down a hollow way then bear right (uphill) through the trees and into a rough track above the woodland.
Beyond a gate, enter an area of felled conifers and walk through the trees beyond, until you reach a gate into open fields.

Cross the field to meet a metalled farm track at a bend, and turn left. At a junction, turn left.

(10) Follow the metalled drive between two limestone outcrops and then round to the right until you reach a house (Tunstall Ings). Just beyond the house, turn left across the field in the direction of a limestone quarry.

At the road, turn left for a short distance, then right onto a footpath through a gateway.

(11) Skirt to the left of the limestone hillock then bear right to the left-hand of two gates. Follow a fence and line of trees to another gate, beyond which follow the fence (now on your left). Go through a gate into a farm drive and turn right past the restored cheese press.

(12) Walk between the buildings of New Laund Farm, then head steeply downhill beside the wood on your right. Cross the stepping stones and bear left to return to the Inn at Whitewell. (D/A)

Waypoints :
D/A : mi 0 - alt. 381ft - Inn at Whitewell
1 : mi 0.76 - alt. 341ft - Burholme Farm
2 : mi 1.71 - alt. 381ft - Thorneyholme Hall
3 : mi 2.14 - alt. 377ft - Car park
4 : mi 2.4 - alt. 387ft - Playground
5 : mi 2.94 - alt. 430ft - Stone barn
6 : mi 3.92 - alt. 512ft - Hareden
7 : mi 5.66 - alt. 1617ft - Totridge
8 : mi 6.7 - alt. 883ft - Junction to go to the summit
9 : mi 7.8 - alt. 988ft - Woodland
10 : mi 8.5 - alt. 732ft - Tunstall Ings
11 : mi 9.3 - alt. 456ft - Limestone hillock
12 : mi 9.43 - alt. 466ft - New Laund Farm
D/A : mi 9.81 - alt. 381ft - Inn at Whitewell

Useful Information

Par the car behind the church.

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