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[GAME] Description without track

Admin hiker
on Wed 25 Mar 2020 11:00:03 CET : [GAME] Description without track

Dear hikers,

It looks like we are all looking for indoor activities ... So here's one !
Find below a hike's description without its track. The exercise here is to trace the route of the hike on OS map, based only on the description.

Ready ?! Let's start !
Open the walking route planner
Trace the track on an OS map and save it
Copy/paste the URL of your track in a new message by replying to this one

(D/A) Park next to YHA car park.

(1) Carefully cross the rails as instructed on the sign and follow the path until you reach Lewes Road.

(2) Turn right, cross Lewes Road to join Gorham's Lane. Go through the gate and follow the South Down Way signs. The path goes down and slightly to the right until you join the South Down Way, which is flat.

(3) Turn right before the farm and right again at the gate to go up Mill Hill. At the top, you will get a panoramic view of South Down National Park.

(4) Keep following the South Down Way signs, which shows you the direction of a path on the other side of the paved road.

(5) Turn right on the path called Greenwich Meridian Trail or White Way.

(6) Turn right and walk carefully on the side of the road for few meters. Cross the road when you see the start of the path on your left. Be careful since cars are coming fast.

(7) Turn left to bypass houses. Once you have reached the main road of the village, turn right and then left at the next intersection. A bit further, the road becomes a path and will lead you to River Ouse.

(8) Turn right at the gate and walk along River Ouse. There are in fact two paths side by side which lead to the same endpoint. One path is at the edge of the water and the other is a few meters below on the right.

(9) Turn left at the gate and walk back to the car park.

Aurélie - Community manager.