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Hike in Grenoble area

on Sun 24 Jun 2018 13:52:25 CEST : Hike in Grenoble area


I'm planning to go to Grenoble early September and started to explore hiking routes around it.

I've found quite few nice options from this website. I was wondering how it's condition-wise that time of the year, how much snow can I expect and should I consider any special gear?


Sarita J
Sarita J
Moderator hiker
on Sun 24 Jun 2018 19:38:54 CEST : Re: Hike in Grenoble area

Hi! In September, you should be able to walk up to about 2,500 metres on south facing slopes, and 2000 metres on north facing slopes without any need for special gear. There could be a little dusting of snow below these levels (more in avalanche corridors of course), but nothing to stop you from enjoying your walk!