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Hikes using public transport + walking rendezvous

on Fri 05 Jul 2019 09:10:34 CEST : Hikes using public transport + walking rendezvous

Thanks for the fantastic walk ideas, will be adding some of my own. One thing I would find really useful would be to see more walks using public transport. An example would be the new Heart of Wales walks round the railway line. I do drive when I have to but given environmental issues prefer not to use the car when possible. Maybe a tag? Or maybe there is a way of finding them already?
Also how about a way of setting up a walking rendezvous? Eg ‘who would like to do the Lyn y Fan Fach walk on (date)?’
I’m a newby to this site so apols if I just haven’t found the right bits.
Thanks again!

Admin hiker
on Mon 08 Jul 2019 12:01:41 CEST : Re: Hikes using public transport + walking rendezvous

Hi @freeasabird,

Thanks for your message and welcome !

Information about public transport are not easy to collect. Authors of walks are more than welcome to add them to their description.
We are not using tag yet, but thinking of it seriously.

We don't have any official place to suggest rendez-vous, but feel free to do it here, in the forum

Aurélie - Community manager.

on Mon 08 Jul 2019 13:13:42 CEST : Re: Hikes using public transport + walking rendezvous

Hello @Aurelie-21
Thanks for the reply. I live in London where it is relatively easy to find two railway stations in nice countryside and plot a walk between them but appreciate it’s not as easy everywhere. I think my next project will be working out walks elsewhere with relatively good transport links, whether buses or trains, maybe around other cities. However I know from my sis in Wales that there are many rural areas where public transport is non-existent. Another solution of course is getting a train to say the Lake District and then finding a base to walk from. I would be very interested to hear from other members of any walks in the UK where public transport can be used.
Btw I do know that Llyn has two Lls 🙂, phone typing!
Thanks again.