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Locking the map scale while creating a route

Johnny Thwaites
on Sun 11 Aug 2019 10:39:13 CEST : Locking the map scale while creating a route

I have just found this wonderful site!

but route planning feels difficult as I skip from map scale to map scale accidentally.

So can I 'lock' the map scale on which I am working for the duration of the session?

Has anyone experienced the same?

And is there a simple solution?



Admin hiker
on Tue 13 Aug 2019 13:31:15 CEST : Re: Locking the map scale while creating a route


Thanks for your message!
Unfortunately, it's not possible to "lock" the map scale.

The change of scale is managed by the mouse wheel, so the simplest solution would be to don't use it ?
And to move on the map, click and keep the button pressed on the map and move in the direction you want. Release the button once the move is done.

I hope these instructions are clear enough and helpful ?

Aurélie - Community manager.