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My first walk - Hartington to Pillsbury castle

on Mon 07 Jan 2019 11:45:41 CET : My first walk - Hartington to Pillsbury castle

Hi all!

Happy new year!

Yesterday as part of my New Years relsolution to lose weight I set of on my first proper walk!

I started off small with the walk from Hartington to Pillsbury castle and back and I must say it was stunning! The directions given on the site were great but we got a little confused when crossing the first fields as the instructions are quite general and we end up climbing down a steep hill through some bushes as it was the safest way down. However I’m chalking this up to my lack of experience!

Would definitely do this walk again, as someone who is very unfit the walk was challenging at times but manageable with a sit down here and there!

All the pictures from the walk can be found at and I will be doing walks weekly from now on!