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Spectacular scenic views of Baux-de-Provence

on Thu 21 Jun 2018 11:44:16 CEST : Spectacular scenic views of Baux-de-Provence

Two comments.

This walk involves a very steep descent at the end and a climb down a vertical ladder. This should be highlighted at the start.

Also this part had us very confused

Pass by a ruin on the right (the remains of a tower protecting the castle of Les Baux) and
continue on a path through the scrubland. It approaches the cliff. At this stage, be very careful because the maintained rocky path
is not visible from the footpath

"Pass by a ruin on your right" suggests that we stay on the path but the path to the left of the ruin soon goes over a cliff.

There was supposed to be a picture on the website but we could not see one.

We suggest changing it to:

You will come to a ruin where the path bends to the right. You need to go straight ahead at this point. Of course you can't - because there is a ruin in your way - so make you way round the left of it and pick up the path beyond the ruin and continue through the scrubland. Soon you will see a white cliff about 200 metres ahead of you.

Sarita J
Sarita J
Moderator hiker
on Thu 21 Jun 2018 15:45:14 CEST : Re: Spectacular scenic views of Baux-de-Provence

Many thanks for your feedback on this walk. We have updated the walk description to make the section around the ruin a little clearer, and we have also added your note about the steep descent and vertical ladder. If you have any photos of the walk, please feel free to post them!