Fritton to Dickleburgh via Pulham St Mary

Very quiet lanes with cafe en route. Lovely countryside with rose fields and a number of interesting churches.

Technical sheet
No. 3861533
A Morningthorpe and Fritton walk posted on 19/08/20 by JuLeHa. Update : 19/04/21
Author's time Author's time : 5 hrs
Distance Distance : 27.96mi
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 213ft
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 194ft
Highest point Highest point : 194ft
Lowest point Lowest point : 85ft
Easy Difficulty : Easy
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Road biking Road biking
Location Location : Morningthorpe and Fritton
Starting point Starting point : N 52.486194° / E 1.275526°
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(D/A) Park near the phone box at Fritton Common. Heading South, take the road to the right marked Morningthorpe.

(1) Turn left at the crossroads and follow this lane, ignoring any side junctions, past Morningthorpe Green, and along Anson's Lane. Keep heading South along Hardwick Road until a T junction.

(2) Turn right, then keep left and head south along Duck's Foot Road. Keep heading South along Poppy's Lane (ignoring any side roads) and past Hill Farm on your left, then a group of houses. Go left at the crossroads into Pulham St Mary (Norwich Road).

(3) Take the first right to the Pennoyer Centre which is a cafe, their scones are delicious. On leaving the Pennoyer Centre, continue along the road Southwards and take the first left, then after 50 feet turn left again onto Dirty Lane.

(4) At the end of Dirty Lane turn right onto a busier road, then take the first right onto Doctor's Lane. Follow this past fields of roses until a T junction, turn right here.

(5) Turn left at the next T junction and follow the road past a cardboard factory (a pleasant smell!) to the village of Rushall. At the T junction with the village sign, turn right and then left onto a lane which goes pas the church. Follow this lane round a sharp bend and carry along this lane (ignoring all side roads) for a couple of miles until you reach Dickleburgh Village. There is a pub here. NB We took a little detour across the crossroads in Dickleburgh to see how busy the A Road was, but decided to stay on the quiet lanes and retraced our route to waypoint 6.

(6) Turn left onto the main road through the village, then first left at an impressive house called Manor Barns. Just past Hall Lane on your left, take Wood lane on the right.

(7) Follow Wood Lane as it zig zags through Upper Street village, where the lane becomes Kiln Lane. Take the bridleway on the right which goes past a field of cows (fenced off) and Hall Farm. At the end of the bridleway we turned right to see if we could take a lane further up, but decided against it.

(8.) Turn round and retrace your route past Hall Farm, left onto Kiln Lane, through Upper Street village, and along Wood Lane.

(9) At the end of Wood Lane turn right onto Thorpe Abbotts Road, past a couple of farms on your left and an air museum on your right. At the next T junction turn left onto Vaunces Lane.

(10) Turn right at the next T junction and retrace the route you took earlier, through the village of Rushall, past the cardboard factory, along Garlic Street and Doctors Lane past the fields of roses.

(11) Turn left onto the main road, this time follow this through the village of Pulham St Mary then turn right just before the Pennoyer Centre.

(12) Take the first turning right past Ivy House Farm onto Kemps Road, turn right onto North Green Road and keep heading North to North Green.

(13) Turn right at North Green and follow this road, ignoring a turning on the right. At the T junction turn left onto Mill Lane, then right past a row of houses and into the village of Hardwick. Turn left at the village sign and follow Hall Lane until a T Junction.

(14) Turn left onto Common Road, through the hamlet of Shelton and a church on your left, around a sharp bend to the left, and up to Fritton Common. Head north on the lane which runs through the common, past a number of ponds. Take the first turning left and the phone box where you started is ahead of you.(D/A)

Waypoints :
D/A : mi 0 - alt. 157ft - Phone box
1 : mi 0.42 - alt. 167ft - Crossroads
2 : mi 3.65 - alt. 174ft - Duck's Foot Road
3 : mi 5.5 - alt. 128ft - Pennoyer Centre
4 : mi 6.19 - alt. 85ft - Dirty Lane
5 : mi 7.45 - alt. 131ft - T junction
6 : mi 10.79 - alt. 118ft - Dickleburgh Village
7 : mi 12.28 - alt. 151ft - Wood Lane
8 : mi 14.47 - alt. 102ft - Farm
9 : mi 17.08 - alt. 151ft - Abbotts Thorpe Road
10 : mi 18.72 - alt. 135ft - T junction
11 : mi 21.41 - alt. 98ft - Pulham St Mary
12 : mi 22.31 - alt. 141ft - Ivy House Farm
13 : mi 24.33 - alt. 184ft - North Green
14 : mi 26.42 - alt. 151ft - Common Road
D/A : mi 27.96 - alt. 154ft - Phone box

Useful Information

Cafe at Pulham St Mary.
Pub at Dickleburgh.
Cafes and pubs at nearby Long Stratton.

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

The GPS track and description are the property of the author.