Kidstones, Fleet Moss and Buttertubs : A 100km ride in the Yorkshire Dales

A 100km circular ride starting in Richmond and passing through the Yorkshire Dales taking in the climbs of Kidstones Pass, Fleet Moss and Buttertubs Pass. Great scenery and places for refreshment stops.

Technical sheet
No. 3141857
A Richmond walk posted on 12/04/20 by Alwayswiththehills. Update : 20/11/20
Author's time Author's time : 6 hrs
Distance Distance : 63.82mi
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 4685ft
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 4678ft
Highest point Highest point : 1932ft
Lowest point Lowest point : 338ft
Difficult Difficulty : Difficult
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Road biking Road biking
Area Area : Yorkshire Dales
Location Location : Richmond
Starting point Starting point : N 54.401563° / W 1.742112°
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Floodwater in Bishopdale The top of Fleet Moss The top of Fleet Moss Kidstones Pass


Park in Richmond in the Yorke Square car park at the bottom of Cravengate, just before The Green. £4.50 all day in 2020.

(D/A) Leave the car park and turn right passing The Green, then turn right again and cross the bridge to ascend a steep bank. As this starts to ease off it bends right, ignore the junction on the left and keep straight on. Follow this road straight ahead ignoring junction on both sides. It will bring you up through the military ranges where you might see tanks. Keep on the A6108 with the ranges on your right until you see a sign with Redmire straight ahead and a left turn to Leyburn A6108.

(1) Turn left towards Leyburn to Bellerby.

(2) Pass through the delightful village of Bellerby and keep on towards Leyburn.

(3) Pass through Leyburn, you heading towards Aysgarth and Hawes so look out for those signs and the A684. At the town square go straight over the mini roundabout and head on and down to pass through the village of Wensley, into Wensleydale and the River Ure.

(4) Cross the bridge over the River Ure. Keep following the A684 to Aysgarth and Hawes.

(5) Pass through the village of West Witton, another lovely Dales village, and keep on the A684. After passing through Swinithwaite you need to look out for a turn on the left and signpost: West Burton, Kettlewell and Grassington.

(6) Turn left to follow the B6160 to Kettlewell. This will take you away from Wensleydale and into Bishopdale.

(7) As you enter West Burton, take the right bend to keep on the B6160 to Kettlewell. Follow this past Newbiggin and take the climb up Kidstones Pass.

(8) At the top, descend into Warfedale. The first village you come to is Buckden.

(9) In Buckden, look out for a sharp right turn onto a minor road. signposted Hubberhoolme. Take the right turn; you will soon cross the River Warfe. Continue along this narrow road, which ascends gently alongside the river, crossing it again before turning right and making the climb of Fleet Moss.

(10) At the top, continue with a right hand bend and junction on the left. Take the right hand bend and descend steeply (take care). This is the flank of Wether Fell and in a west to north westerly it is frequented by paraglider pilots. The road descends to the village of Gayle.

(11) Turn left over the bridge and continue to a T junction in Hawes.

(12) Turn right back onto the A684 and pass through the usually bustling town.

(13) The roads bends to the left on a one way system, follow this and look out for sign on the left reading Hardraw and Muker (business Park) , Cross a bridge and get ready to turn left.

(14) Turn left. (This junction can be busy) then follow the road. You will cross the River Ure and then arrive shortly afterwards at a T junction.

(15) Turn left again (Hardraw, Simonstone, Muker) and then take the first turn on the right (Simonstone, Muker). This will lead up the flank of Stags Fell and to the top of Buttertubs Pass(another place to spot paraglider pilots in a South to South Westerly)

(16) From the top of the pass, descend passing the 'buttertubs' to a T junction.

(17) At the junction, turn right on to the B6270 towards Muker and Richmond.

(18) Pass through the village of Muker (I can recommend the tea room here) and continue on the B6270.

(19) The B6270 takes a sharp left turn toward Gunnerside and crossed the River Swale

(20) In Gunnerside, the road bends sharply right to Low Row and Reeth still on the B6270. (This is beside the car parking and start of the walk Gunnerside Gill and Kisdon Force Continue along the B6270 passing through small hamlets until you come to Reeth.

(21) Pass through Reeth, taking the bend to the right and the road through the village green (Leyburn, Richmond B6270). Cross the River Swale again and follow the road through Low Fremington (The Dales Bike Cente and cafe) to cross the River Swale a third time and enter the village of Grinton.

(22) The road turns sharp left with the pub on your left and continues towards Richmond on the B6270. Ignore the junction on the right ((23) Wathgill, Stainton, Leyburn) and continue to the junction with the A6108

(24) Turn left on to the A6108 towards Richmond and enter the town,

(25) The road will bend to the right and then left again. At the left hand bend, take a junction on the right onto Cravengate. (There is a large white house with bay windows on the corner of the junction with the street name attached to the wall). Freewheel down Cravengate and back to the parking.

Waypoints :
D/A : mi 0 - alt. 367ft - Yorke Square car park
1 : mi 5.94 - alt. 843ft - Intersection
2 : mi 6.86 - alt. 702ft - Bellerby
3 : mi 8.52 - alt. 653ft - Leyburn
4 : mi 10.05 - alt. 361ft - Bridge
5 : mi 12.12 - alt. 614ft - West Witton
6 : mi 14.47 - alt. 509ft - Road B6160
7 : mi 15.86 - alt. 509ft - West Burton
8 : mi 22.03 - alt. 1398ft
9 : mi 24.76 - alt. 781ft - Buckden
10 : mi 32.77 - alt. 1893ft
11 : mi 35.99 - alt. 866ft - Gayle
12 : mi 36.38 - alt. 807ft - Junction with the A684
13 : mi 36.54 - alt. 794ft
14 : mi 36.67 - alt. 774ft
15 : mi 37.5 - alt. 840ft
16 : mi 40.81 - alt. 1729ft
17 : mi 43.08 - alt. 971ft - Junction with the B6270
18 : mi 44.21 - alt. 820ft - Muker
19 : mi 46.69 - alt. 787ft - Sharp left turn
20 : mi 47.05 - alt. 764ft - Gunnerside
21 : mi 53.03 - alt. 663ft - Reeth
22 : mi 53.91 - alt. 594ft - Grinton
23 : mi 57 - alt. 581ft
24 : mi 58.83 - alt. 509ft - Road A6108
25 : mi 63.59 - alt. 476ft - Richmond
D/A : mi 63.82 - alt. 364ft - Yorke Square car park

Useful Information

This is a 100km ride which meets the criteria for an Audax UK DIY route with AAA points. The photos are from February 2014; the first time I did the ride. If you are a member of AUK and want the checkpoint details please message me with your email address and I will provide them.

There are options en route for stopping and getting refreshments; Leyburn, Buckden, Hawes, Muker, Reeth, The Dales Bike Centre in Fremington and Grinton.

Be aware that Fleet Moss is the highest paved road in England and the weather can be grim; check conditions (esp wind strength) before attempting this. When we first did it in February 2014 we experienced floods from the melting snow in Bishopdale, the remains of drifted snow (that had been cleared) on Fleet Moss and when we got over Buttertubs pass we had the sun in Swaledale.

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

During the walk or to do/see around

Amazing Dales scenery, take your time and enjoy the different valleys and passes. This is a ride you will not forget, and like me, you will probably come back to ride it again.

I have 6 hours for the ride which is accurate at a steady pace with one tea stop. (May I suggest Muker after all the big climbs are out of the way)

The GPS track and description are the property of the author.