Lose Hill and Hope village

A classic ridge walk to a fine viewpoint, followed by a visit to a historic village and a pleasant riverside return.

Technical sheet
No. 19578672
A Castleton (Derbyshire) walk posted on 23/02/22 by Walks from the Door. Update : 23/02/22
Calculated time Calculated time: 4h25[?]
Distance Distance : 7.34mi
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 1211ft
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 1234ft
Highest point Highest point : 1506ft
Lowest point Lowest point : 551ft
Difficult Difficulty : Difficult
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Walking Walking
Area Area : Peak District
Location Location : Castleton (Derbyshire)
Starting point Starting point : N 53.343956° / W 1.77366°
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(D/A) Leave the front door of The Peak Hotel and turn left towards the village centre, following the main road (How Lane) as it bends left. At the Old Nag’s Head follow Back Street.

(1) Turn right into the churchyard and left at the church door to exit the churchyard into Castle St. Turn left then right, signposted ‘Peak Cavern’.

When you reach the stream, cross the bridge and turn immediately left; follow this metalled path between cottages to view the impressive entrance of Peak Cavern, returning the same way.

(2) On your return, do not recross the stream but head straight across the road into a footpath that runs along the left-hand side of a car park. At the main road (A6187), cross over, take a few steps to the left and then follow an inconspicuous walled path between houses on your right.

In the field beyond, swing left to a stile above the stream on your right. Keep along the stream beyond, until you reach a farm drive. Cross straight over.

(3) Near the end of the next field, cross to the other side of the stream and turn left, now with the stream on your left. Head towards the farm buildings ahead; keep straight on at the farm entrance. Go up some steps to enter an area of Access Land; follow the obvious path uphill and then down to cross the stream below the Odin Mine crushing wheel.

(4) Regain the road beyond and turn right past the bus stop and turning area, with the entrances to Odin Mine on your left.

(5) When the former main road bends sharp left, turn right over the stile to the left of the farm drive. As you approach the crest of the first slope, take a path on the left, which merges with the upper of two obvious paths heading up to the ridge.

(6) When you reach the paved ridge path at a gate, turn right. Follow the path past the obvious junction of multiple paths at Hollins Cross and keep on along the ridge over the rise beyond.

(7) Before the obvious crag ahead, cross a stile on your left to switch to the other side of the fence; ignore the path into the wood on your right and climb the rocky pitched path to the top of Back Tor. Keep along the ridge, climbing a relatively gentle incline (paved towards the end) to the topograph at the summit of Lose Hill.

(8) Follow the paved path beyond the summit to a stile. Cut the corner of the next field (often rather boggy), then negotiate a stile on the right and turn left (downhill). Follow the obvious path downhill until it curves left above the buildings of Losehill Farm.

(9) Ignore the first footpath on your right, then beyond a stile (signposted Hope) turn right over a second stile and head down a field with the farm wall on your right, heading for an isolated stone barn. Cross a further stile and pass to the right of the barn, then swing left over a stile and footbridge.

Cross the field beyond to a further stile, then pass through a series of stiles and fields. Eventually you pass through a metal gate and along a path with a hedge on the right and fence on the left. You switch to the right of the hedge partway along, emerging among farm buildings.

(10) Keep straight on through the buildings, then pass through a stone squeeze stile and wooden gate at the farm entrance. Cross a narrow field and then the railway footbridge. After a series of fields separated by stiles and gates, swing right along a fenced-in field edge, and then ignore a crossing path to keep along the field edge with gardens on your left.

(11) When you reach the road, cross straight over to the right of the clinic; when the road bends right take a driveway on the left reading “Leading to Nos 1–4 Eccles Court”. Swing right and a metalled path leads through a paddock to emerge on the main road just west of the Old Hall Hotel.

Turn left then follow the road on the right between the church and the Woodroffe Arms (signposted Pindale). Cross the river, and pass the pinfold on the right-hand side and the end of a road on the left.

(12) Just before the road bends right, take a footpath over a stile on the right. Keep along this well-marked path through several fields, with Peakshole Water on your right. Cross the railway line (a mineral line serving Hope quarry) with care.

Continue along the path in similar vein beyond the railway, leaving the river temporarily but returning to it shortly as you pass a copse and water treatment works on the far bank. Follow a streamside track to a farm, and then veer away from the river with a ruined mill building over the wall to your right. At the main road, turn left back to The Peak Hotel. (D/A)

Waypoints :
D/A : mi 0 - alt. 627ft - The Peak Hotel
1 : mi 0.13 - alt. 646ft - Churchyard - Peak Cavern
2 : mi 0.75 - alt. 643ft - A6187 - Stream
3 : mi 1.36 - alt. 699ft - Farm buildings
4 : mi 1.78 - alt. 909ft - Odin Mine crushing wheel
5 : mi 2.13 - alt. 1037ft - Ridge
6 : mi 2.35 - alt. 1237ft - Paved ridge - Hollins Cross
7 : mi 3.41 - alt. 1355ft - Back Tor
8 : mi 3.94 - alt. 1503ft - Summit of Lose Hill
9 : mi 4.52 - alt. 1024ft - Isolated stone barn
10 : mi 5.29 - alt. 597ft - Railway footbridge
11 : mi 5.58 - alt. 564ft - Clinic - Church
12 : mi 5.98 - alt. 584ft - Railway line
D/A : mi 7.34 - alt. 627ft - The Peak Hotel

Useful Information

One stiff climb and several shorter ascents on the Great Ridge. Paths over pastureland may be muddy after wet weather.

Pdf link : http://walksfromthedoor.co.uk/i/walks/De...

The Peak Hotel
How Lane, Castleton, Derbyshire
S33 8WJ
Tel : 01433 620247
Website : www.thepeakhotel.co.uk

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

During the walk or to do/see around

The Old Hall Hotel and Tea Rooms, Hope
Market Place, Hope, Derbyshire
S33 6RH
Tel : 01433 620160
Website : www.oldhallhotelhope.com

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