Feature guide
Activate / deactivate the plotting mode to create or complete your route.
Continue the selected route.
Center the map on the desired start / end point of your hike.
Save track in "My Account > My Walks".
Save and export your route in a PDF file.
Import tracks using GPX files.
Export the selected track as a GPX file. If the selection is empty, all valid track are exported.
Center the map on your track.
Close your route by going through all the existing points in the opposite direction.
Delete all existing tracks on the map.
Remove points from your selection.
Delete the last point from each of the selected tracks (This action is also valid during plotting).
Split the selected path into two paths from the selected point.
Merge selected tracks (the order in which you select your tracks affects the merge).
Close the selected ttrack by adding a point at the same coordinates as the start.
Reverse the direction of the track.
Show / hide start points of all tracks.
Measure the flying distance between at least two points.
Get the coordinates of the selected point (according to the format selected in your profile: My Account > Software Settings > Geographical coordinates format).
Show in real time the distance of your track while you are plotting.
Show / hide the texts of the icons on the top screen bar.
Move on the map.
Zoom in / out the map.
Zoom in on the map.
End your track when you are in plotting mode.
Rotate the map.
Show the 3D map.
On a track or a point, add the element to the selection if it is not selected and vice versa if selected.
Create a selection area to add points to it.
Undo last action.
Redo the last action.
Road network
Highway under construction
Local link
Regional link
Main link
Narrow path
Isolated cycle path
Car or pedestrian ferry
Rail network and various transport
Urban transport, funicular
Gondola, cable car or ski lift
Hydrocarbon pipeline
Electric line
Water surface, basin or marine area
Temporary water surface on vegetation, mangrove
Permanent watercourse
Surface dam
Ground or elevation aqueduct
Water tank, water tower
Cave or underground mine
Chasm entrance
Land use and vegetation
Dry sand
Gravel or pebbles
Wet sand and silt
Various constructions and equipment
Industrial or commercial building
Public or sports building
Town hall
Aerodrome or airport
Sports field or track
Religious building
Wind turbine
Administrative boundaries or restricted areas
City/Town limite
State limit
National or regional park
Nature reserve
Marine park
Military enclosure
Riding stable
Menhir, Cromlech
Remarkable tree
Orientation table
Information Elevation chart Map layers
Estimated walking duration: 0
Distance : 0 mi
Number of points : 0
Vertical gain : 0 ft
Vertical drop : 0 ft
Highest point : 0 ft
Lowest point : 0 ft
The elevation diagram will automatically be updated once you've started plotting your route.
Topographic Maps (OS Leisure, IGN, ...)
Satellite IGN (France)
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OpenStreetMap cycle (World)