Rossendale Ramble

This Cheshire Walk was produced to assist fundraising for the Rossendale Trust. The route covers a section of the Gritstone Way and other scenic parts of Cheshire. Some of the route lies within the boundaries of the Peak District National Park.

Technical sheet
No. 292975
A Sutton (Cheshire) walk posted on 04/07/16 by Walking Britain. Update : 11/10/16
Calculated time Calculated time: 7h10[?]
Distance Distance : 12.32mi
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 1677ft
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 1654ft
Highest point Highest point : 1319ft
Lowest point Lowest point : 571ft
Difficult Difficulty : Difficult
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Walking Walking
Area Area : Peak District
Location Location : Sutton (Cheshire)
Starting point Starting point : N 53.23634° / W 2.10893°
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(D)After parking follow the lane south towards Lowerhouse for approximately one mile. Look out for the stile/finger post on the right (grid ref.SJ938697). Cross over the road and follow the Gritstone Trail (sign is a yellow boot) up the hill, keeping to the hedge/fence line. After muddy section go over stile and follow signposted path up hill, bearing right. Over next stile follow path bearing left, following GT sign. Continue along wall line, again following GT signs. Sutton Common telecoms mast now comes into view ahead; follow path directly towards it. Pass through gate hidden in gorse, carry on straight ahead through next gate. Continue along wall line ignoring stile to your right, still heading for the mast. Walk on the track to the left of the mast. Just after passing it, before the house on the left, take the GT signed path to your left, going downhill. Follow downhill, crossing double stile. Head straight across next field to stile, then head half right down to the grassy track which leads on to the road (A54).

(1)Turn left and walk along road for 75 metres until you see track on the other side of the road (grid ref. SJ941674). Note that this is a busy road with no pavement. Cross road with great care and follow track uphill away from the road. Follow through gate following GT sign. Follow road, known as Wincle Minn for 1km, passing through a number of gates ignoring all other signs. The path swings left into Hawkerslee Farm. After 75 metres take path on your left signed GT. Head down the hill and through the gate. Continue directly ahead for 200 metres down the hill, keeping the fence on your left. Go through next gate, and aim uphill and slightly left to join the tree line. Follow the tree line (some trees marked with the GT sign) to a gate with the Gritstone sign on it. Follow the winding track down into the small valley, cross Shell Brook and follow the track back uphill. Turn right at the track and follow GT signs, past remains of a building ("Dumkins").

(2)100 metres past Dumkins go left over stile and head directly across the field, through gate/stile, and then bear quarter left in next field to the bottom corner ( head for the gate and stile) and follow the track up from there. Just before the farm, take the stile to your right, and follow the field to the bottom with the hedge line on your left. At bottom of field, go over stile and drop down into the fields by the River Dane. Follow the wide track to your left/upstream, for 1.5 k until you reach the Trout Farm at Danebridge. After passing farm, look for and take the path across the field to your left, over stile and up to the road. (There is no pavement.) Go left up the hill to the Ship Inn.

(3)25 metres uphill past the pub take a path on your right, up steps, ahead to stile. Head left at the signpost 25 metres into the field. Follow path across the field to a gate, pass through a farm. Continue ahead, over stile into large field. Walk across the field to see a tree line. Follow the tree line on your right. Look for a blue arrow fixed to tree on your right, which marks the path to a footbridge over the small stream. Go over the footbridge, and follow the arrows up and across the field to meet the lane by a house. Turn right up the lane, and after 50m take the path to the left at Hammerton Farm by the cattle grid.

(4)Follow the old track uphill, until it opens out into fields. At a hedge line, follow the white arrow straight ahead. You are now aiming for the Wild Boar pub, in sight ahead, on the A54. Turn left at the A54, and cross over with great care. After 75 metres take the signposted track to your right, up the hill, and through buildings. The dog is securely chained, but noisy. Over stile into field and go straight ahead, ignoring stile to your right. Follow track round hillock on your left, and head quarter left to reach the stile on the lane. Cross the lane and start to descend Wythenshaw Lane.

(5)Go past the farm on left, and take the signed path to your right, over stile and into the field. This track leads to the Hanging Gate pub which you can see. Emerge onto the road just before the pub. Turn left in front of the pub with the toilets on your right, bear left on the path which goes downhill to join the road. Turn left and walk down the road to join the Gritstone Trail on your left (signpost and large gate). Over the stile and follow the path to another gate, follow the path to another gate, then downhill across the field to a gate near the farmhouse. Follow the path which emerges at the farmhouse drive. Turn right through the gate, slightly uphill across to a gate in the corner, follow the treeline to a fence, then downhill to join Hollin Lane at the Dyehouse Cottages. Turn right back to the start. Ramble completed!(A)

Waypoints :
D/A : mi 0 - alt. 571ft - Sutton village
1 : mi 3.12 - alt. 1122ft - Turn left along road
2 : mi 5.57 - alt. 732ft - Turn right at track
3 : mi 6.97 - alt. 643ft - Go left up hill to Ship Inn
4 : mi 7.72 - alt. 932ft - Take lefthand path
5 : mi 8.93 - alt. 1227ft - Descend Wythenshaw Lane
D/A : mi 12.32 - alt. 571ft - Sutton village

Useful Information

The Rossendale Ramble explores sections of the Gritstone Way and other paths and lanes in Cheshire. Part of the route lies within the Peak District National Park. The route is part of fundraising activities for the Rossendale Trust and is advertised each year with the aim of supplementing funds. In 2014 the walk was completed on 10th May. Further details of other fundraising activities can be found on The annual fundraising walk starts from Rossendale Hall, Sutton near Macclesfield when parking is available at the Hall. However the published route below starts from the village of Sutton (grid ref. SJ903733) where limited street parking is available.

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

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