Stage 1 of the Gritstone Trail - Disley to Macclesfield

This walk is part of the trek The Gritstone Trail in 3 stages using the local train.

The Gritstone Trail runs for 56 km through the Cheshire countryside, west of the Peak District, from Disley to Kidsgrove. This first stage starts at Disley Station, goes through Lime Park and up to the Bow Stones, over Sponds Hill (410m), past Bollington and on to the Saddle of Kerridge (over White Nancy), Tegg's Nose and down to Langley. At this point, this route leaves the trail to drop down to Macclesfield past The Hollins.

Technical sheet
No. 3043692
A Disley walk posted on 02/03/20 by El Sud. Update : 18/07/20
Calculated time Calculated time: 8h35[?]
Distance Distance : 14.93mi
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 1991ft
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 2159ft
Highest point Highest point : 1342ft
Lowest point Lowest point : 446ft
Average Difficulty : Average
Back to starting point Back to starting point : No
Walking Walking
Location Location : Disley
Starting point Starting point : N 53.358162° / W 2.04275°
Arrival Arrival : N 53.259416° / W 2.12194°
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(D) From Disley Station, next to an information board about the Gritstone Trail, climb the steps to Green Lane. Follow the signposts (the Gritstone Trail symbol is a yellow arrow on a black background with a black boot print and a yellow G) turn left and then right to follow the lane until you reach a crossroads of paths. Turn right, following the signs for Lyme Park past East Lodge. The folly tower "The Cage" should be visible on the right and the hall should be seen as soon as the woods on the left finish. Follow the trail through the car park, then turn left uphill to go through Knightslow Wood to reach the Bow Stones.

(1) After investigating the Bow Stones, turn right along the track towards Sponds Hill. Take a detour off the trail to reach the trig point of Sponds Hill (410m) the highest point on the route. Back on the track, keep heading due south until you reach the road. Turn right past Brink Farm, then take the path leading off to the left (Brink Brow is up on the left) to head downhill, heading south-west to a footbridge over Harrop Brook and straight on to the road. Head due south on the minor road to Oakenbank and straight on again on a path that soon after bears right then left to Waulkmill Farm. Before reaching the farm, turn sharp right to climb up a track heading towards Bollington that should come into view as you bear left around the end of the Saddle of Kerridge. A steep set of steps to the left leads up to the top of White Nancy.

(2) From White Nancy, follow the path along the ridge, heading south, to Kerridge Hill. As the path begins to rise to the trig point, the trail is signposted to descend to the left (south-east) to Tower Hill. Cross the B 5470, turning left then right to pick up a path above a reservoir down to the left. At a fork, leave Berristal Road and bear right to climb uphill again towards Horden Farm. Before you reach the farm, the trail turns 90º to the right, to head downhill to the main A 537 Buxton Road at its junction with Bull-Hill Lane. Cross over the road to pick up a path heading south, climbing once again, to Windyway House. Turn right at the road and pop into Tegg's Nose Country Park.

(3) Leave the Buxton Old Road at a bend to the right, continuing south-west along a path going towards Teggsnose Farm. The trail cuts off to the left to go along the ridge to reach Tegg's Nose, looking down to Teggsnose Wood and Teggsnose Reservoir. Take the steep path down, almost west, bearing left in a southerly direction past Ward's Knob to enter a carpark and cross the dam. Cross the road to go through a gate and down the steps, over a bridge and along a path that runs along the top of the dam of Bottoms Reservoir. Bear right to gain the road at the corner of the field, in front of a small wood. Turn right along Clarke Lane, that turns into Main Road, bending left to go into Langley.

(4) At the Langley Methodist Church, bear right (signposted Sutton 1 mile) along Langley Road. Go past the Langley Village Hall and follow the road bending left. Past a number of houses, opposite a gated track, next to a green telephone or electrical box there is a style and a Public Footpath sign indicating the path off to the right. Passing Langley Hall on your right, cross a footbridge over the River Bollin and head north-west to Birch Knoll. The path turns left under the knoll then bends right along the edge of a golf course, past The Hollins and drop down to Hollins Road through a gap in the wall. Go left then right to descend another walled path by the side of the last house, turn right at the bottom, above the towpath along the Macclesfield Canal.

(5) There isn't any access to the towpath, so turn left to cross the bridge to go down Richmond Hill Road to the corner shop Black Road Stores. Turn right along Black Road until you reach Windmill Street. Turn left along the edge of the park, past The Dolphin Pub, past St. Peter's Church and over the railway. Immediately bear right down Waterside past a lot of car and bike repair garages. Go under the A 523 London Road, across Lower Bank Road, continuing on Waterside to the Storm Brewing Co. building. Turn left to cross the bridge over the River to reach Sunderland Street via Park Green. Turn right along Sunderland Street, past all the shops to reach the railway station up a slope to the right. (A)Macclesfield Station

Waypoints :
D : mi 0 - alt. 627ft - Disley Station
1 : mi 3.55 - alt. 1276ft - Bow Stones
2 : mi 7.99 - alt. 879ft - White Nancy
3 : mi 11.02 - alt. 1145ft - Tegg's Nose Visitors Centre
4 : mi 12.64 - alt. 620ft - Langley
5 : mi 14.18 - alt. 558ft - Macclesfield Canal
A : mi 14.93 - alt. 449ft - Macclesfield Station

Useful Information

There are a number of places to stop for a cuppa and fill your bottle, namely Lyme Hall and Tegg's Nose Visitor Centre. If the weather turns nasty you can shorten it by going into Bollington and catching a bus or go a bit further to catch a train in Prestbury. Although there are no mountains on the route, good sturdy footwear is recommended and it's always best to carry waterproofs as the weather can change quite quickly.

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

During the walk or to do/see around

Ignore the option to go straight to the Bow Stones as the visit to Lyme Park and maybe to the Hall is worth the extra miles. Take the small detour to the top of Sponds Hill and take in the views (if it's not too misty) from White Nancy on the Saddle of Kerridge. If you go to the trig point on Kerridge Hill, go back to the signpost indicating the path down to Tower Hill.

Enjoy the walk, the views, the villages and the pubs. Don't rush but keep an eye on the weather and the time. Plan ahead and have alternative routes if you get into difficulties. Don't leave any rubbish and don't damage the environment. Keep to the Country Code and respect the farmers, vegetation, animals and rivers. Don't take any plants or stones home; take photos (they last longer and you can share them). Say hello to fellow walkers and help anyone who needs it. Take care of yourself and make the most of the moment!

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