Staines-upon-Thames to Windsor & Eton Riverside Station

This walk is part of the trek The Route of the London Green Belt Way.

Mostly towpath and parkland, there is a lot to see on this stage, so start early. The route crosses Staines Bridge, then follows the Thames before crossing the road at Runnymede.

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A Surrey walk posted on 21/07/21 by Sean Davis. Update : 09/08/21
Calculated time Calculated time: 5h10[?]
Distance Distance : 10.54mi
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 367ft
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 315ft
Highest point Highest point : 289ft
Lowest point Lowest point : 43ft
Moderate Difficulty : Moderate
Back to starting point Back to starting point : No
Walking Walking
Location Location : Surrey
Starting point Starting point : N 51.432614° / W 0.514201°
Ending point Ending point : N 51.485486° / W 0.606523°
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(D) From the London Stone, continue upstream towards Staines Bridge. Soon over a wooden footbridge.

(1) Immediately before Staines Bridge, turn right to go directly away from the river along the path between the bridge and Thames Edge, soon climbing up some steps to Clarence Street. At the top turn sharp left and over Staines Bridge staying on the left-hand pavement.

(2) After crossing Staines Bridge turn left into The Hythe. After 140 yards go straight on past Chertsey Lane to the right hand side. At the end turn left on a path to the river, then left along the path next to the river (now to your right hand side). Soon past the back of The Swan Hotel, then eventually over an old footbridge and under Staines Bridge (at 0.5 miles) and westwards. Follow the Thames for the next 2.7 miles to the French Bros’ Runnymede Boathouse.

(3) At 1.35 miles, the towpath passes under the bridges carrying the M25 and the A30. The road bridges are only separated by three metres and together tower overhead for 80 metres. From here, continue straight on along the towpath for a mile to and around the Runnymede Pleasure Grounds.

(4) At the end of the pleasure ground, follow the towpath as it turns right through a kissing gate (the gate maybe gone) and adjacent to the road - the river is to your right hand side.

(5) After another 0.9 miles, the towpath passes through some trees, and between a red brick lodge and the river, and soon comes out to a small car park at the Runnymede Boathouse (at 3.2 miles). Turn left towards the road and cross straight over (with care) and into the National Trust car park on the opposite side. Turn left through the car park to the second red brick lodge - you may choose to stop here for refreshments.

(6) From the lodge find your way to the entrance of the car park. By the entrance is a wooden shelter with information leaflets and a map. From the map you'll get a good idea of where you are going next. A finger-post signed "Memorials" points across the meadow. There are two well-defined paths, follow the left of the two paths. This leads to “The Jurors”.

(7) From "The Jurors" take the diagonal path south towards the trees. After 100 yards you reach the trees and a wooden kissing-gate. Go through the kissing-gate to climb steeply up stone steps. On reaching the JFK Memorial walk past it and along the terrace to The Seats of Contemplation.

(8) Retrace your route back down the steps and at the bottom go through the wooden kissing-gate again. Turn right along a line of trees to your right hand side. After 160 yards turn right through a wooden gate to visit the Magna Carta Memorial.

(9) After visiting the memorial, retrace your steps to exit the wooden gate. Turn right signed Air Forces' Memorial (and possibly Writ in Water)(to help with direction finding there are 3 marked walks and for the next 0.8 miles we follow the purple route to the Air Forces' Memorial). After just 20 yards go through a kissing-gate and veer right between trees. After 300 yards you reach a round building named "Writ on Water".

(10) After visiting "Writ on Water" continue to follow the path along the line of tree to your right hand side and soon into trees. Then after just a short distance turn right and uphill following purple markers towards Air Forces' Memorial. After climbing steeply for almost 200 yards, we cross another path and soon after our path veers left and continues to climb, but not as steep, and in another 220 yards leads out onto Cooper's Hill Lane.

(11) Turn right along the lane for 200 yards, then after university halls of residence, turn right to stay along Cooper's Hill Lane. After 50 yards turn right to visit the Air Forces' Memorial. After visiting, retrace your steps to the entrance and turn left along Cooper's Hill Lane.

As the lane turns left, veer right immediately before a cream building dated 1889 and at the entrance to drive veer right past gate-post and onto the enclosed footpath. After 280 yards the path turns right and then soon turns left. It eventually comes out to a road (Tite Hill). Cross straight over and onto an enclosed footpath. The footpath leads to a road (Middle Hill). Turn right and just after a few yards cross over into Barley Mow Road. Follow Barley Mow Road for 400 yards until it comes out onto St Jude's Road (A328).

(12) Cross straight over and turn right, then left (still Barley Mow Road). Cross over onto Englefield Green and follow the left hand side of "The Green" past the Barley Mow Pub and then past the cricket ground. Eventually "The Green" leads to a T-junction with Bishopsgate Road. Cross over and turn left along the pavement. The road soon curves around to the left, and after 300 yards crosses over the entrance to Castle Hill Road (at 6 miles). After 0.43 miles cross over Crimp Hill, then follow Bishopsgate as it veers right and past Wick Lane (to your LHS).

(13) At the end of the lane is Bishop's Gate, the entrance to Windsor Great Park. Go straight on through the gate, on the right is the gatekeeper's box (small wooden office) and on the left is their cottage. Stay straight on along the road towards a gate and two pink gatehouses. After 230 yards, at a crossroads, turn right. This leads to a metal kissing gate. Go through the kissing gate and into the Deer Park. Follow the traffic free road through the park for half a mile, until just over a stone bridge. Then veer left onto the grass and follow a worn path uphill, past trees to your LHS and to The Copper Horse.

(14) From “The Copper Horse”, walk down the hill and then along the tree lined Long Walk, and continue straight for almost 2.4 miles to near the castle at the other end. You can walk on the grass if you wish. After 1.15 miles, a large gate blocks the Long Walk. To the side a pedestrian gate gives access to continue. The gate is there to keep the deer at bay and marks the southern boundary of the Deer Park. 0.45 miles later, the Long Walk crosses the busy A308 and to the left are some old estate workers cottages. Cross over with care and continue towards the castle.

(15) 0.82 miles after the A308, on approaching the castle, Cambridge Gate blocks the Long Walk. However, there is still a magnificent view of the state apartments (now at 10 miles). At this point, turn left to leave the park via Park Street Gate and into Park Street. At the end of Park Street and just before the High Street, turn right into St Albans Street. At the junction turn left to enter Castle Hill.

(16) Turn right out of Castle Hill and onto the High Street, staying on the pavement on the right-hand side. Continue around the castle and down the hill, eventually coming to a junction at the bottom.

(17) Cross over Datchet Road using the pelican crossing. Windsor & Eton Riverside Station is just 70 yards to the right.(A)

Waypoints :
D : mi 0 - alt. 56ft - London Stone
1 : mi 0.12 - alt. 52ft - Staines Bridge
2 : mi 0.24 - alt. 56ft - The Hythe
3 : mi 1.32 - alt. 59ft - Towpath
4 : mi 2.36 - alt. 56ft - Runnymede Pleasure Grounds
5 : mi 2.94 - alt. 59ft - Towpath
6 : mi 3.25 - alt. 69ft - Lodge
7 : mi 3.4 - alt. 43ft - The Jurors
8 : mi 3.59 - alt. 125ft - The Seats of Contemplation
9 : mi 3.84 - alt. 75ft - Magna Carta Memorial
10 : mi 4.07 - alt. 79ft - Writ on Water
11 : mi 4.56 - alt. 276ft - Cooper's Hill Lane
12 : mi 5.49 - alt. 236ft - St Jude's Road
13 : mi 6.85 - alt. 256ft - Bishop's Gate
14 : mi 7.56 - alt. 253ft - The Copper Horse
15 : mi 10.01 - alt. 108ft - Cambridge Gate
16 : mi 10.28 - alt. 128ft - Castle Hill
17 : mi 10.49 - alt. 82ft - Datchet Road
A : mi 10.54 - alt. 82ft - Windsor & Eton Riverside Station

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