The Chillerton Challange

This recommended walk of about 9 miles will take you over the river Medina, up and over Ramsdown to Chillerton village. Then north to Gatcombe to start the climb onto Newbarn Down and Chillerton Down with panoramic views across the island. Passing close to the TV mast you descend through the old marl pits and return via the water meadows of the wilderness.

Technical sheet
No. 9997039
A Rookley walk posted on 31/05/21 by Beer and Buses - Isle of Wight. Update : 31/05/21
Calculated time Calculated time: 4h20[?]
Distance Distance : 8.16mi
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 679ft
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 689ft
Highest point Highest point : 535ft
Lowest point Lowest point : 105ft
Easy Difficulty : Easy
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Walking Walking
Location Location : Rookley
Starting point Starting point : N 50.644548° / W 1.278948°
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(D/A) Cross the road in front of The Chequers and walk down the track. SIGN - Public Bridleway GL5 to Lower Rill and Chillerton. At Rookley Farm House turn LEFT to pass in front of the garden. SIGN - Public Bridleway G18 to Rill. Cross the young River Medina by way of the footbridge and head straight across the field to a metal gate, continue along the track to join a lane.

(1) Turn RIGHT walk up the slope to join a second lane where you turn LEFT. Immediately after Lower Rill Farm turn RIGHT up the concrete drive into a farmyard. - You now start a gentle climb. SIGN - Public Bridleway G16a to Chillerton. Look for the small wooden gate on left into the copse. Leave copse through the second gate into a field. Keep close to the hedge on left-hand side for the first few yards until the corner, then bearing slightly left head across the open field to a gate. Take the track uphill through the trees. At the field gate, turn RIGHT up the bank through a gate and climb the field keeping the fence on your left.

(2) Go through the gate at the top and turn LEFT. Follow the path to the top corner of the field. - Pause to look over the gate on your left to see where you've come from. Now turn RIGHT down the track between the hedges. SIGN Public Bridleway G15a To Chillerton. After rounding the left-hand bend turn RIGHT off the track into Hollow Lane. Waymark on post in bracken.

(3) On reaching the main road in Chillerton turn LEFT. Walk along the road as far as Downsview Close then turn RIGHT into Garn Lane. SIGN - Public Bridleway G6 Shepherds Trail Carisbrooke. A short walk up this track and you enter open fields. Go straight ahead following the hedge line. The path dips down through a gate and then, with Tolt Copse over to your left climbs steadily to join a broad track. SIGN - Public Bridleway G6 to New Barn Farm Lane. Turn LEFT and follow the path, bearing right into the next field and continuing to a lane at the lower end.

(4) At lane go LEFT up towards Newbarn Farm entrance then LEFT again along by the farm buildings. SIGN - Public Bridleway G7 to Garstons Down. At the end of the track turn LEFT and walk uphill to a gate. The track now opens onto the hillside with fine views to the white cliffs of Culver Down at the eastern end of the island. At the signpost, Public Bridleway G22 to Dukem Downturn RIGHT up towards the gate in the fence ahead. DON'T go through the gate to Garstons Down, but instead turn LEFT along the path keeping the fence to your right. H SIGN - Public Bridleway G22 to Shorwell and Bowcombe. Pass through a gate, and keeping straight ahead up the field to the fir trees, find the gate into Dukem Copse where you meet a wide, well used track. SIGN - Public Bridleway N146 Shorwell to Bowcombe.

(5) Turn LEFT towards Shorwell. Follow the well defined path towards the TV mast, passing through three gates and alongside a barn, before walking under the wire stays of the mast.

(6) A fourth gateway will take you to a private road serving the transmitter station. Cross over the road, go through the gate opposite taking the path down through the disused marl pits. Through another gate (This is a National Trust conservation area). Leave by the gate at the bottom and follow the track downhill to its junction with the road.

(7) Turn RIGHT up the hill. KEEP ALERT FOR MOTOR VEHICLES ESPECIALLY WHEN CROSSING THE ROAD. At the top turn LEFT into Bury Lane and walk along, passing Ramsdown Farm on your left as you head downhill. At the bottom of the hill, where the lane bends sharply to the left, turn RIGHT to Roslin.

(8) After passing the first barn turn LEFT into gravelled yard between barn and farmhouse. SIGN - Public Bridleway G14 to Lower Rill and Cridmore. This wide path known to the locals as Sandy Lane goes through the farmhouse garden then up into a field where it follows the hedge line to a gate then turns RIGHT (and meets a lane just before Cridmore Farm.

(9) Walk past the farm and keep to the lane as it bends sharply left to pass in front of the farmhouse and open fronted barns. SIGN -Public Bridleway G24 to Bleak Down. Then leaving the lane go straight ahead up a track between hedges to a gate, the track drops downhill to another gate and then ends in an open field.

(10) Walk down the field keeping the fence close on your right-hand side. Passing through the next gate turn RIGHT and follow the fence line to yet another gateway. Take a diagonal course across this smaller field to the footbridge and cross the river Medina once again. Now walk round the meadow with the hedge on your left to a gate. Go through the gate, up the tree lined path to the road at East Appleford, turn LEFT and walk with care the last few yards to the Chequers Inn.(D/A)

Waypoints :
D/A : mi 0 - alt. 210ft - Chequers Inn
1 : mi 0.91 - alt. 138ft - Lower Rill
2 : mi 1.47 - alt. 341ft - Reservoir
3 : mi 2.27 - alt. 180ft - Main road in Chillerton
4 : mi 3.33 - alt. 187ft - Newbarn Farm
5 : mi 3.95 - alt. 515ft - Path toward Shorwell
6 : mi 4.91 - alt. 525ft - TV mast
7 : mi 5.66 - alt. 305ft - Berry Shut
8 : mi 6.47 - alt. 207ft - First barn
9 : mi 6.89 - alt. 151ft - Cridmore Farm
10 : mi 7.26 - alt. 125ft - Field
D/A : mi 8.16 - alt. 210ft - Chequers Inn

Useful Information

It is suitable for fit regular walkers. There are some steep hills.

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

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