Wildboarclough & Shutlingsloe

A route to the summit of the Cheshire Matterhorn and more!

Technical sheet
No. 293202
A Sutton (Cheshire) walk posted on 04/07/16 by Walking Britain. Update : 10/02/20
Calculated time Calculated time: 4h10[?]
Distance Distance : 6.82mi
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 1175ft
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 1152ft
Highest point Highest point : 1585ft
Lowest point Lowest point : 741ft
Average Difficulty : Average
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Walking Walking
Location Location : Sutton (Cheshire)
Starting point Starting point : N 53.23744° / W 2.0601°
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Macclesfield forest


(D/A)Start of this walk in Cheshire is from the Visitors Centre, in Macclesfield Forest (Grid ref. 961711) near Trentabank Reservoir. Proceed out of the car park and turn left down the road. Go left again up the minor road. At the corner take the wide path ahead continuing onto a forest path on your right that drops down to Ridgegate Reservoir. Follow the path to the left of the dam then over the stile on your left, walking down to the brook. Continue up through a broken wall to turn left on to the well-marked "Gritstone Trail". This Trail takes you over fields passing farms en route.

(1)On reaching the second road (Grid ref. 950698) turn left. Walk up the road for a short way and then take the old footpath to the left of the cottage. This leads up to the back of the "Hanging Gate" pub. Cross over the road and follow the often wet bridleway opposite. On reaching the top, bear right following the path on High Moor to the large buildings at Oakenclough. Ahead of you across the moor is your first good view of Shutlingsloe. Turn right at the pond in front of the hall and follow a feint path leading you through the pretty Oaken Clough and its Highmoor Brook. The path ends at a road (Grid ref. 963687).

(2)Head south along the road and take the farm track that climbs on the left. Leave this track at Lower Nabbs Farm and drop down to the fields on your right. Then continue straight across many fields and walls to reach the road (Grid ref. 981685).

(3)Walk through Wildboarclough and take the steep lane on the left leading to Banktop (Grid ref. 982692). From here you take the path to Shutlingsloe, the summit of which is reached by an easy scramble. The hill can be avoided by taking the right fork roughly half way up. From the top descend via the path heading north. This is soon joined by the alternative path mentioned above. Follow the well worn path descending to Macclesfield Forest. Cross over the stile and then go left to reach the wide forest path descending through the forest to the visitors centre and your start.

Waypoints :
D/A : mi 0 - alt. 873ft - Start: Visitors Centre in Macclesfield Forest
1 : mi 1.69 - alt. 932ft - Turn left down road
2 : mi 3.01 - alt. 1007ft - Head south along road
3 : mi 4.35 - alt. 892ft - Wildboarclough: turn left down road
D/A : mi 6.82 - alt. 876ft - Finish: Visitors Centre in Macclesfield Forest

Useful Information

The unique shaped Shutlingsloe (the local Matterhorn) is visible for most of the walk but its not until near the end that you can stand on its top and trace your route. From this low hill you have unrestricted views of Shining Tor, Kinder, The Cloud and the Mountains of Wales. The navigation looks more difficult than it really is but bear in mind the greatest challenges are some of the many stiles!

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

Opinions and comments


Global average : 4.17/5
Number of opinions : 4
Description quality : 4.5/5
Routemap quality : 4/5
Walk interest : 4/5

on Mon 20 Aug 2018 12:11:20 CEST

Global average : 3.33 / 5

Date of walk : 20/08/18
Description quality : Good
Routemap quality : Disappointing
Walk interest : Good

A good, enjoyable walk but we spent far too much time at the beginning getting confused by the walk directions and going the wrong way. There are a lot of paths in the area and the directions from the beginning onto the gritstone trail definitely need updating and elaborating. As a previous post has said most of the stiles have been replaced by gates. It would be a huge task to log and describe them all. The provided map is not good enough to help with making decisions on path choices. It was much better just to rely on the actual OS map we had with us. Choices required looking at field boundaries and detailed features.

on Mon 23 Jul 2018 15:22:21 CEST

Thank you for the feedback. Could you let us know which stiles have been replaced / still exist so we can update the description for future walkers? Many thanks

on Mon 23 Jul 2018 09:37:50 CEST

Global average : 4.33 / 5

Date of walk : 21/07/18
Description quality : Good
Routemap quality : Very good
Walk interest : Good

Very enjoyable walk, not the best day for view from Shuttlingsloe unfortunately.

Route description is a little out of date. There have been several improvements to footpaths in this area. Most stiles have now been replaced by gates (I think we only encountered 2 stiles on the whole walk). Also the initial section of the walk is along traffic-free paths so we had to be a little careful to make sure that we were following the intended route. Once on the Gritstone Trail the description was adequate,

on Tue 29 May 2018 13:25:59 CEST

Many thanks for letting us know that Macclesfield Forest is open to walkers again. We have updated the walk description. Glad you enjoyed the walk, please feel free to post any photos if you have any!

on Tue 29 May 2018 12:26:54 CEST

Global average : 5 / 5

Date of walk : 28/05/18
Description quality : Very good
Routemap quality : Very good
Walk interest : Very good

We really enjoyed this walk. The first half is very quiet, with most other walkers making the ascent of Shutlingsloe from Macclesfield Forest. It is worth noting that most paths in the forest have now re-opened. United Utilities manage the forest and were very responsive on Twitter when I asked about the state of the paths. Kudos to them!

Admin hiker
on Thu 22 Sep 2016 10:51:43 CEST

Thank you for this experience.

on Mon 05 Sep 2016 09:34:19 CEST

Global average : 4 / 5

Date of walk : 29/08/16
Description quality : Very good
Routemap quality : Good
Walk interest : Average

This is a great walk, with stunning views from the top of Shutingsloe. A couple of points to note;
At the start of the walk there is now a footpath beside the reservoir, so you don't need to walk on the second lane.
There were fields with suckling calves and warnings about avoiding cattle, this was a concern for some of our party, and would definitely be a concern for dog owners.
The car park is pay and display £4.50 per day, there is free parking on the road but it fills up quickly. We thought someone had tampered with our car whilst parked in the Forrestry car park, make sure you don't leave valuables in the car. There are lots of other places on the route where parking is free, if you avoid the Forrest car park and don't mind a different start point.

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