Willen & Tongwell Lakes Plus Grand Union Canal

This walk starts and ends at Willen Local Centre (parking). You travel northwards to Tongwell Lake, then westwards to the Grand Union Canal at Giffard Park. Much of the route is southwards alongside the canal until reaching Campbell Park. The route continues southwards beside the canal, leaving the Canal Broadwalk to enter Woolstone in the direction of The Barge pub. It then continues towards the River Ouzel, turning northwards towards Willen Lake and from there back to Willen Local Centre.

Technical sheet
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A Great Linford walk posted on 12/11/20 by adrianK. Update : 02/12/20
Calculated time Calculated time: 3h00[?]
Distance Distance : 6.39mi
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 102ft
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 102ft
Highest point Highest point : 262ft
Lowest point Lowest point : 190ft
Easy Difficulty : Easy
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Walking Walking
Location Location : Great Linford
Starting point Starting point : N 52.063058° / W 0.731526°
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(D/A) From Willen Local Centre, keep the Ship Ashore on your right side as you head west on the Redway down into the underpass.

(1) Then turn right out of the underpass and turn right again. You should find yourself on a Redway on the northern side of H4 Dansteed Way, heading north west towards Newport Pagnell. Walk along the Redway, passing in front of the Mercedes building and continue until you need to cross Delaware Drive into the Tongwell industrial estate.

(2) Turn left and head up Delaware Drive keeping to the Redway on the right hand side of the road. Continue until you pass underneath the main grid road H3 - Monks Way.

(3) A few metres later, turn right onto a Redway that takes you northeast between Tongwell Lake and Monks Way (the road you just passed under). After about 200 metres take the first turning to your left, through a constriction to continue on the lakeside path in an anti-clockwise direction (keeping the lake on your left side). At the north side of the lake, the path meets Wedgwood Avenue.

(4) Keep following the Redway heading west along Wedgwood Avenue, passing a small local park (soon after leaving the lake behind). Cross a side road to pass on the south side of the Blakelands NHS Treatment Centre. Follow the Redway for a short distance, keeping the Treatment Centre to your right, then turn left over a footbridge across V10 Brickhill Street.

(5) On the other side of the road, you pass between Giffard Park Primary School on your right and Giffard Park shops on your left. Cross over Broadway Avenue and follow the Redway upwards, keeping the Giffard Park pub on your right side.

(6) This takes you to a footbridge over the Grand Union Canal. After crossing the canal, go straight ahead on the Redway, but turn left after about 20 metres - the path continues southwards on the west side of the Grand Union Canal.

(7) When you reach the first bridge over the canal, turn leftover it, then right to continue your progress south on the east side of the canal - this is the Grand Union Canal Broadwalk, within an avenue of trees for much of the route. You pass under a grid road H3 Monks Way - and after almost 1 km you pass under another - H4 Dansteed Way. This part of the walk can be undertaken on either side of the canal. After you pass under yet another grid road - H5 Portway you will approach the eastern end of Campbell Park.

(8) At the second footbridge over the canal from Campbell Park (an old brick-built bridge), turn left, following an old, straight lane (formerly Linford Lane) downhill towards Woolstone. You pass beneath the grid road H6 Childs Way and shortly afterwards you cross over Pattison Lane, continuing forward until you come to a historic inn, The Barge.

(9) Cross Newport Road keeping The Barge on your right, head eastwards down Mill Lane towards the Holy Trinity church. After passing beside the church, turn left in front of a house and join a path leading north east towards some paddocks, then join a Redway that runs to the west of V10 Brickhill Street for a short distance before turning right into an underpass towards Willen Lake. Go straight ahead through the underpass and veer to the left soon after emerging. This path takes you to the west side of Willen Lake South. Turn left and walk northwards beside the lake, passing the gym, pub and hotel (on your left). Keep on the Redway as it passes the Cable Tow centre and then crosses a small stream. Continue northwards on the Redway, passing beneath a grid road - Portway (H5). You will pass a Buddhist Temple on your left and the Peace Pagoda (also on your left). The Redway takes you beside the Willen Lake North, passing the Labyrinth on your left.

Where another path crosses the Redway, turn left into a car park. Follow the roadway to the Pavilion, passing behind the building, then take a path that goes leftwards passing an outdoor play park. This path brings you to the south side of Willen Primary School. Turn right and follow the Redway in front of the school to return to the Willen Local Centre and the end of the walk. (D/A)

Waypoints :
D/A : mi 0 - alt. 226ft - Willen Local Centre - Ship Ashore Pub.
1 : mi 0.08 - alt. 236ft - Underpass by Willen Local Centre
2 : mi 0.42 - alt. 230ft - Junction of Delaware Drive and H4
3 : mi 0.85 - alt. 207ft - Entry to Tongwell Lake park land
4 : mi 1.5 - alt. 213ft - Wedgwood Drive Local Park
5 : mi 1.69 - alt. 226ft - Footbridge over Brickhill Street (V10)
6 : mi 1.8 - alt. 236ft - Footbridge over Grand Union Canal - Giffard Park
7 : mi 2.29 - alt. 246ft - Grand Union Canal Broadwalk
8 : mi 3.94 - alt. 262ft - Second footbridge over the canal
9 : mi 4.33 - alt. 213ft - The Barge at Woolstone
10 : mi 5.78 - alt. 220ft - Willen Pavilion and Community Centre
D/A : mi 6.39 - alt. 226ft - Willen Local Centre - Ship Ashore Pub

Useful Information

At Campbell Park the route can be shortened by cutting through Newlands to Willen Lake.
The walk can be extended - or made shorter - by selecting an alternative route from the Grand Union Canal eastwards to Willen Lake and rejoining the route later.

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

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